Romans 8:31

Just some encouragement this Friday. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this post but biblical promises like these are SO needful in this time.

Yesterday my daughter said, “Daddy, you’re not afraid of anything.” It made me feel good but I saw a great opportunity to point her to every true Christian’s source of courage.

I quoted Romans 8:31 and told her that if we truly know that God is with us, then there is no need to fear.
That actually ministered to my own heart as I hope it will yours.

Yes, a #pandemic is raging and my heart breaks for the souls of the lost. But I refuse to be afraid.

Yes, liberal ideologies are fracturing society and undermining America’s Christian foundations.

But God cannot be stopped. Say “No” to fear and “YES” to faith in Christ’s Word.

Then you will be unstoppable .

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