What can Tesla’s Battery Day teach authors?

Tesla’s Battery Day

Tomorrow, Sept. 22, 2020, is Tesla’s Battery Day—a hyped up event in which the electric car manufacturer plans to unveil some of its latest car technology. Over the past few days, I’ve watch Tesla’s stock soar in an otherwise grim economy.

I found myself wondering if there’s anything that authors can take away from Tesla’s unexpected market rebound and upcoming event.

The answer is a resounding “yes.”

Here are three focus points.

First, focus on current and future needs in the literary market. Tesla is focusing on meeting consumer demand. With renewable energy becoming a key part of the global market, Tesla is working ceaselessly to capitalize on that market. This isn’t just about a want—it’s about a need.

We authors need to do the same.

As you write, don’t just think about the stories you want to tell. Instead, focus on the stories your audience needs to hear. Is it a message of hope? A thought-provoking exposure of social problem ? Whatever your genre or market, your product will have more success if you focus on a needed message–not just one that you want to tell.

Second, keep improving. Okay, so Tesla is bragging about a “million-mile battery.” This wasn’t possible a few years ago. But their drive to improve is breaking boundaries.

What about your vision? As an author, are you dead-set on improving your writing skills and approach to marketing?

If we don’t improve, we die as writers. Check out my blog post on Invest in yourself.

Finally, leak news about what’s happening but keep the suspense going. Tesla’s leaking news to get people talking about their product but they’re keeping an air of mystery to the whole thing. This article writes,

New leaks on Thursday about what may be included in Battery Day revelations are also adding fuel to the flame, so to speak.

Bridie Schmidt, The Driven

There are plenty of other lessons we authors can draw from Tesla’s Battery Day but these three top the list.

Happy writing,

JP Robinson

JP Robinson
JP Robinson

JP Robinson is the President of Lancaster Christian Writers Association, a minister, and former teacher of European history and Psychology. JP is a contributor to Focus on the Family, Guideposts and other leading magazines. His novel, In the Shadow of Your Wings, claimed the #1 spot in Amazon’s historical thrillers category.

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