America’s real problem

Like me, you’ve probably been shocked and appalled at the murder and civil unrest of recent weeks. It’s easy to point fingers, be they at the president, the police, or your neighbors.

But the truth is never convenient. And the truth is, America’s problems run far deeper than racism or police brutality.

America’s real problem is God. More specifcally, the lack of God.

A great America?

Despite calls to “Make America Great Again, ” America has never been great since it left the spiritual foundation laid by the pilgrim fathers.

Each day shows more clearly that every effort to control human behavior by methods that exclude Christ will fail. We can organize committees to “police the police.” We can protest political decisions. But a society that rejects the Author of Order’s plan can never be anything other than chaotic.

We have pushed Christ out of every aspect of society. We’ve banned Him from our classrooms. Now our classrooms are too often the centers of violence and immorality. He’s not welcome in our hospitals. Now our healthcare system is strained to the breaking point. He’s been shoved out of our courts. And our legal/prison system is falling apart.

He’s been thrust out of our churches. And now we cannot find Him in the place where He should reign.

A dysfunctional society

There comes a point when we must ask ourselves: what part of our society is actually working?

I believe there is hope. But it is only for individuals who will fall on their knees and look to the God who made them.

For a second, let’s look at the flip side.

If Christ is at the center of each heart, there could be no murder (race motivated or otherwise). If He reigned in the hearts of the protesters, it would be impossible to destroy the livelihood of shop owners and the equipment of law enforcement.

It is easy to point fingers. As a society, we do that all the time. We constantly put the blame for our situations on someone else.

But let us, for once, be honest with ourselves and face the issue head on. Only then can America overcome its problem. Only then can America truly be great again.

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JP Robinson is a political thinker and historical fiction author whose work has been praised by industry leaders such as Publishers Weekly. He is also a devoted husband and father. Follow him on Facebook.


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