Covid-19 & the Christian response

Corona virus has dominated world headlines for some time now.

The WHO’s “pandemic” announcement signals a major shift in global attitude toward Covid-19. But, while world opinions are, of course, important, there’s a bigger question we need to answer.

How should Christians respond in this time of global crisis?

Steadfast resolution

The Bible clearly warns that the final days of humanity’s history will be riddled with widespread violence, social upheaval and diseases of all sorts. Frankly, I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg.

So let us purpose to face the future with confidence. Not in ourselves but in the God who predicted these things would come to pass and in His unfailing strength to those who believe.

Fear is our greatest enemy. Let us choose faith and, through it, free ourselves of fear’s shackles.

Humble repentance

We’ve all seen this cycle before. A disaster strikes. Numbing shock. Some religious sentiment. Then, before too long, life goes back to normal.

But let this pandemic and economic turmoil remind us just how frail our global society really is. Let’s point fingers at ourselves and see if our faith is genuine. For the future will demand nothing less than an unshakable faith.

If we’re not where we should be, let’s take advantage of today to come in humble repentance, remembering the promise that God will not despise a “broken and contrite heart” (Psalm 51:17)

Compassionate preparation

Being prepared isn’t just easy to do; it’s also good sense. Something serious will happen, if not today, then tomorrow. Stock up on essentials but also keep an arm out to neighbors.

Let us check in on the elderly and those who are alone, remembering that compassion is at the heart of Christian living.

P.S. How are you and your loved ones coping in these tough times? Leave a comment/prayer request or touch base on Twitter just to let me know how things are going.

Keep praying!

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