Weekend plans

I’ve been accused of being a driven person, focused on taking down the next objective. Well… I graduated HS at 16, graduated from university at 19 and was married soon after. So… yeah, I think I’m guilty as charged. 🙂

But my wife and I changed our outlook for 2020. Instead of focusing so much on crossing off the next item on our “to do” list, we’re focusing on the here-and-now.

We’re really involved in our kids lives but, as they grow into that scary tween/teenager phase, I realize more than ever how much they need us.

So, this weekend is going to be all about them.

I’m not planning anything “over-the-top”, but I’m stepping away from my keyboard and going to spend individual time with each of them. on Saturday.

Playing some games, catching up, and praying together. Sunday, after church, we’ll probably make impromptu family time.

Whatever we end up doing, I know it’ll be time well spent!

What about you? Any special weekend plans on your part?

Make it a great one!


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