How to survive Cyber Monday

Okay, so you’re at work, in a board meeting, and your fingers are twitching. Your eyes keep sliding toward the clock as though they had a mind of their own. TEN MORE MINUTES?? Desperate, you excuse yourself and head to the restroom. With a relieved sigh, you shut the door and pull out your cell phone but your heart is still pounding. You’ve got 3-5 minutes tops before your coworkers get suspicious.

So many deals! So little time! How can you possibly take advantage of them all?

Cyber Monday is a great way to end the Black Friday weekend, but it can cause stress on its own.

So here are three steps to conquer cyberworld.

  1. Accept the fact that the deals are bigger than your wallet. You can’t buy it all and you shouldn’t have to. There’s always next year.
  2. Focus on what’s important. Yeah, you might want a new stove but if your dryer is on its legs, it’s better to prioritize on that instead of trying to get both.
  3. Remember, while the stores will be in the black, you may be in the red when it’s all over. I’m sure we all love doing our part to help the economy but you and I are the ones who have to negotiate with our bank accounts when it’s all said and done. Shop smart and limit yourself so you can look back at this weekend with a smile on your face.

What strategies do you use to survive the shopping season?

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Happy shopping!

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