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For 2 days ONLY I’m giving away FREE complete Kindle copies of In the Shadow of Your Wings.

Fantastic WWI historical fiction book. Fast paced, you won’t want to put this book down. Great story, characters and believable. Looking forward to reading more of the Northshire Heritage series wish they were available now.


Join the readers who have laughed, cried, and bit their nails to stubs while engrossed in an epic WW1 drama laced with themes of faith, betrayal and redemption. Did I mention that it’s FREE for 2 days only?

Get your copy today here and experience the first step in the Northshire journey. The sequel, In the Midst of the Flames, releases this fall.

Wow. This story had characters from every walk of life-in all aspects of that time period. So beautifully written on how their individual stories intertwine. This is a must read for historical fiction lovers.

The author does a perfect job at setting a clear stage for so many stories, characters and their hardships. Absolutely mind blowing how the plot unfolds. Amazing!


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