The Illyrian Chronicles: Unlock the future

Episode 1: There’s no place like home

When Kit Benedict tries to escape a gang of bullies by fleeing into a mysterious forest, he finds himself in a place far different from anywhere he’s ever known.
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Episode 2: Elira’s Quest

Elira is on a mission to save her people, the Illyrians, from the scientists of Ru’ahal and their robotic soldiers, the Hunters. But then she crosses paths with an Old Blood named Kit Benedict. Has an unwitting savior come at last to Britannia?

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Episode 3: Decisions, Decisions

When Kit comes face to face with the mad scientists of Ru’ahal he’s forced to make a decision that will affect everyone in Britannia—especially Elira. 

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Episode 4: On the Run

When Elira gets captured by giants, Kit launches a rescue. But things go terribly wrong.

Episode 5: Irlander

With seconds left to live, Kit takes on a huge problem. Literally. It’s Kit versus Gorian the Giant and only one man will be left standing.

Episode 6: The Instigator

Drake Conway hates intruders. When all Britannia starts to rally Kit, and with Elira crushing all over the new hero, Drake decides it’s time to act.