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Writers learn best by interacting with other authors. I continue to develop resources that can help fellow authors produce their best work.

Power verbs

Get access my FREE list of power verbs that will supercharge your writing. It’s tabulated by scene type to make it easier than ever to produce quality writing. I update the spreadsheet regularly to help you keep your writing fresh.

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This is an all-new, incredibly powerful series that I’ve developed that will help authors streamline their writing. We all know that conferences are important, but they’re don’t always fit our schedule or budget.

Workshop-In-Your-Pocket changes that.

Each book in the series is a workshop that I’ve presented but with more detail. The book contains carefully curtailed writing exercises that you’ll be able to easily adapt to your own manuscript. Check out the first book: Write History today!

Author Webinars

In 2020, I plan to launch a series of highly-engaging webinars that will cross genres. Learn how to:

  • Write compelling plots
  • Market effectively despite tough competition
  • Create and launch your own writing business and more

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