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As a Black author, I’m focusing on spotlighting Black heroes at various epochs in world history. Both Juneteenth and Independence Day celebrate the universal human right of freedom.

On Juneteenth, I unveiled a series of short stories only available to email subscribers: The Armistead files. Join me in celebrating unsung Black men and women who sacrificed everything to shape the United States of America and pursue the dream of freedom.

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The Armistead Files

The Armistead files is a series of 10 historical fiction short stories that give a Black perspective on the birth of America. While the stories are fiction, they depict life as many experienced it. Don’t miss out on these explosive free shorts.

File 02 releases in:


File 02: Higher Ground

Faced with an unexpected dilemma, Sylvia chooses to risk everything in a desperate gamble for freedom. Having infiltrated the camp of the treacherous Benedict Arnold, James discovers a flaw in the Continental Army’s plans—a flaw that the British plan to exploit. What will be won and lost in the next episode of The Arimstead Files?

File 01: The Price of Freedom

James Armistead must decide whether to fight for the freedom of the American colonies—the country that enslaved him and will likely keep him in chains if they win their revolution—or join the British who offer freedom to all negroes.

As a slave, Armistead will likely never marry the woman he loves. But America promises to be a country where anything is possible. What choice will he make?

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A few words about my next novel…

My writing focus has shifted to focus on Black world-shapers. My next series focuses on the Black experience under the Third Reich. It’s an action-packed, gut-wrenching perspective of one of the most climatic moments in world history. Follow me on social and stay on my email list for updates.

“JP Robinson is boldly addressing the important, but largely hidden, history of the Black experience of Nazi Germany. A history which needs to be told.”

—Dr. Robbie Aitken, Sheffield Hallam University

My current novels

Explore the world from a high-adrenaline, faith-infused perspective.

“… a novel that historians and readers, in general, will find a fantastic read.

—Readers Favorite, In the Dead of the Night