1. We have gone so far since my ancestors came here in 1710. But fear is gripping this country. Everything from politics to riots to covid. And yet the answers are all in Jesus. I must remind myself of this every day. God bless how far you have come. Now if we can just help others to do the same.

  2. Three books in one. There is no use for me to preorder book three if I haven’t read one and two. They will be done before March 9 release for sure.

  3. I’ve had people tell me that a good book makes them think about things that they would have never thought of. So much more when it comes to Christian fiction. Great article. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post JP. If there is not a stiff, united response Putin will not stop with Ukraine. why should he? I think a far scarier question is what will China when they see the weak American response?

    • Absolutely Kelly. The reality is, American credibility is on the line here. While sending American troops might be viewed by Russia as an act of provocation, we have to ask ourselves have we done all we can to stop this war? In my view, weapons, materials, should be sent en masse to Ukraine to support its reservists while we must hit Russia with export sanctions on its gas and wheat which are still main sources of income for Moscow.

      If the world does not see a strong American response, what is to prevent China, Iran etc. from targeting other American allies? The famous slogan “united we stand, divided we fall” applies to the world as well as the United States.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Thoughtful and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing these posts! You make a great point. Will the economic and social pressures on the average citizens of Russia produce an atmosphere where escalation becomes a natural outgrowth of our decisions to handle Putin’s aggression through economic sanctions rather than by other means.

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