Manuscript Critiques

I’m always happy to do what I can to help other authors thrive. If you need detailed feedback on a project, consider booking a manuscript critique.

A critique involves a detailed look at your work, evaluating its plot, pacing, grammar and description. For a low cost, I give a written evaluation as a PDF so you can reference it as you continue to develop your manuscript.

I hope that you will find this service as useful as others have.

“Out of all the critiques I received, yours was the most thorough.”

John, GPCWC conference attendee

Manuscript Critique

A respectful, detailed, written evaluation of 1,500 words (approx 3-4 pages) of text, including suggestions for author improvement.


For just $10.00 more, you can book a 15 minute phone or Skype conversation to go over my critique.

Phone/Skype conversation

15 minute conversation to go over feedback or ask questions about a previously critiqued manuscript.


Your words bring blessing to my vision.


For longer pieces, or entire manuscripts, contact me to request an individualized quote. Please include the approximate word count of your piece and also indicate if we’ve met at a writer’s conference.

Longer critiques receive the same treatment as shorter excerpts and include:

  • A thorough analysis of each chapter/segment
  • Flagging of any typographical errors noticed
  • Feedback on character growth, plot development, sentence structure and flow in PDF format
  • Suggested options to make the manuscript stronger.
  • A 20 minute phone call to discuss the review.

Please note that a critique does not replace your need for editing services but is designed to give you objective feedback to make your manuscript more appealing.

I reserve the right to reject a manuscript for any reason.

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