Fearless Marriage

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What we are:

We’ve started Fearless Marriage out of a desire to help the married members of the Bride of Christ make their relationship all that God intended it to be. Christians should have the BEST marriages, enjoy the BEST sex, and feel the HIGHEST level of emotional intimacy.


Because our purpose on Earth is to show the power of Christ’s relationship to us. And that relationship is certainly not second-rate. We want to inspire husbands and wives to love each other completely and unreservedly and so, we’ve started Fearless Marriage.

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What we are not:

We’re not here to tell you what to do nor to replace the advice of your pastor or spiritual mentors. Our mission is to help other couples discover the power that Christ brings to a marriage, the power of union, and commitments, fidelity, and unbreakable trust.

How we’ll do this:

We plan on creating monthly marriage challenges, sharing short blog posts, scriptures and videos focused on common “touchy” marriage areas. We’ll also make available downloadable versions of our marriage retreats and post information about our books/resources.

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Remember, there is no fear in love.

JP & Lois