Kit Benedict is back in Britannia where he faces off with the brutal giant, Gorian. Can he find a way to save himself, Elira, and the other captives? Or is Kit’s story, quite literally, a short one?

Lightly edited and much enjoyed, here’s episode 4 of the Illyrian Chronicles. Elira’s alone in the dark forests of Britannia. When giants show up, her problems seem to get a lot BIGGER.

When Kit comes face to face with the mad scientists of Ru’ahal he’s forced to make a decision that will affect everyone in Britannia—especially Elira.

The Illyrian Chronicles are a fun, kid-friendly collection of short stories that I’m dedicated to my own heroes— my children. Typos are all my own! 🙂

Being a kid is tough. It’s even worse when you’re an orphan. When orphan Kit Benedict tries to escape a gang of bullies by fleeing into a mysterious forest, he finds himself in a place far different from anywhere he’s ever been before.
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